Gift Guide - Golf Edition


The holidays are quickly approaching, so if you know a golfer whose commitment to a well-executed game defines them, it's time to choose the ideal present for them to use on the course.

We have everything your loved one needs to update their golf equipment and attire as well as elevate their game, whether they play all year long or just need to stock up for the upcoming season. 

We've put together gift suggestions for your favorite golfer just in time for you to cross those items off your shopping list.

Best Gifts for Golfers

Here are some great gifts for your golfer friends.

1.   Golf Shirts and Hat


Even though it seems like a basic gift, a golf shirt helps golfers to stay comfortable while playing on the field. Chippopotamus has moisture-wicking shirts that absorb sweat and keep the player dry even after hours of playing golf.

Pair the breathable golf shirts with a golf hat to keep your golfer friends shaded from the sun in summer. A white camo hat will make a great gift, especially for those who like to play golf at night because the white hat will be visible from a far distance on the field.

2.   Entire Golf Attire Set


What better gift to a golfer than a stylish set of golf clothes? Pair this white camo shirt with grey golf shorts and a camo hat. This gift will be not only an attractive present but also a comfortable outfit for a long golf game.

The collared polo shirt will give a formal look to on-field players, and the golf shorts will add a touch of casualness to the outfit.


3.   Grey Quarterzip Combo


This gift combo is a perfect gift for the golfer in your life. The quarter zip shirt is ideal for a little chilly weather condition, and the camo gray polo with the gray hat will make a great combo for the summer. Additionally, the white and camo combination goes with the standard dress code rules of every golf course.

4.   Blue Polo and Gray Hat



Another stylish combination for golfer friends is this blue quarter zip camo and an oscar polo shirt with a gray hat. The shirts are made of breathable, stretchy material that provides comfort to the player while they swing their arms for a long shot. Additionally, the moisture-wicking material keeps them dry for an entire game.

5.   Palm Shirt and Skirt Combo for Women


This adorable palm-designed shirt goes well with the matching skirt for your girlfriends. You can also add a matching bag to store the essentials while golfing. Your friends will love the color combination and appreciate the soft, comfortable material.


This compilation of the best gifts for golfers will certainly help you cross off a few items off your gift-giving checklist. You can check out Chippopotamus for more such amazing golfing gifts for your friends and family members that love golf.


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