Styling Guide for Golf Shorts



It's time to start planning your attire now that winter is over and the weather is inviting us back to the golf course. Keeping up with the latest trends can be difficult because they appear to change every few minutes. Don't worry; we've got you covered with styling tips.

It all starts with the best golf shorts. So, here's your styling guide for golf shorts.

What are Golf Shorts?

Golf shorts are a necessity when playing golf and the foundation of any clothing that prioritizes convenience and breathability.

Even though the name says "golf" shorts, they are not exclusively for wearing on golf courses. With the best golf shorts for men, you can always enjoy outdoor leisure time with friends and family.

Comfortable, laid-back, stylish golf shorts are unquestionably essential for beach parties, private parties, outdoor activities, and anything else that is simply for pleasure.


Dress Code for Golf Courses: Length of Shorts



Many golf courses have a strict dress code, which means that the length of your shorts matters on the green field.

Your shorts need to be long enough to cover most of your thigh. The hem of the shorts must not extend more than four inches above the knee on some golf courses.

At the same time, you can't wear shorts that are too long. Long, baggy shorts are frowned upon by many golf course dress standards, and if you're wearing them, you might not be allowed to play a round.

As a rule of thumb, keep the length an inch or two above the knee. Some people select a lengthier style with pockets for storing things.

You should feel comfortable with the level of exposure to sun, wind, and other elements you can face on the course when wearing golf shorts. Fit, comfort, and range of motion are also important when buying men's golf shorts.  


Styling Tips for Golf Shorts



It can be difficult to decide what to wear on your first day of golf. In addition to dressing properly, you should feel at ease to engage in an active swing. You can look and play your best with the proper clothing choices and some weather preparation.

Here are some clothes that you can pair with your golf shorts:

Collared T-shirts

A collared T-shirt goes very well with golf shorts, whether you’re going on the golf course, to a business casual event, or even just sitting around with friends. Tuck that polo into your golf shorts with a classy belt to add a formal touch to the casual attire.

Long-Sleeved Undershirt

A long-sleeved undershirt below your golf shirt might keep you warm on long winter days. You can also keep a vest or jacket with you if the temperatures drop and you feel cold.

Golf Hat

It is always a good idea to add a golf hat to the mix. The hat will keep your face shaded from the sun and also add a touch of style to your casual look. You can get a white golf hat so even if you’re playing at night, you will be visible to the other players from far away. 

Golf Shoes and Socks

Golf shoes are designed with broader soles, lower-cut ankles, and spikes to help with your swing. They provide the support you need when strolling around the course and will help you maintain your balance throughout the swing better than tennis shoes or loafers.

It's simple to ignore the value of socks, but keep in mind that you'll be on your feet all day. Put on tight, comfortable socks, and pack an additional pair if you need to change later in the day.

Things to Consider Before Buying Golf Shorts

The best golf shorts are versatile and well-rounded, just like a top golfer's skill set. When shopping around, consider the following aspects.

Light Weight

Your knees could begin to hurt while you enjoy the second half of your round on the course. You don't want the excess weight to hamper your performance or slow you down.

The best golf shorts are streamlined and airy to keep you light on your feet and focused.

Water Resistance

When playing golf in hot weather, it is best to wear moisture-wicking shorts that dry quickly. You don’t want your shorts to keep sticking to your thigh when golfing.


The look, feel, and flexibility of golf shorts are appealing to people of all ages and skill levels!

Having dinner outside? Visiting a laid-back business event? Golf shorts that fit properly can easily pass for a casual yet stylish bottom half of your outfit.


Golf shorts for men are usually made of cotton, polyester, and spandex. These materials are designed for maximum stretch and comfort on the field.

There is a strict no-denim policy on several golf courses. This is increasingly improving as the sport strives to adapt to a changing society where casual attire is becoming more and more acceptable in all settings, but the golf community still has large holdouts.

Every golfer wants to have a full range of motion in the backstroke and the efficiency to follow through with strength and accuracy. In light of this, golf shorts are made to stretch and bend just as much as your club, with little resistance.


If the sun is shining down on you, it may get rather warm out on the course, so when picking golf shorts, you want to ensure the fabric is breathable.

Additionally, watch out for over tightening your belt, which could prevent ventilation where it is most needed.

Number of Pockets

Even though many pockets can come in handy for holding extra golf balls, it is usually frowned upon by many golf clubs. It is best to count on your golf bag rather than your shorts to store your balls. Many men have been denied entry to golf courses because they were wearing cargo shorts, so be careful!


If you’re seeking the best golf shorts for the next season, look no further than Chippopotamus. You can find some fantastic shorts that will make you feel and look your best on the course. Although we don't claim they'll shorten your game by a few strokes, they might give you enough confidence to play like a winner.


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