• Father's Day Gift Ideas - Golfer Edition

    Father's Day Gift Ideas - Golfer Edition
    Are you looking for the perfect gift for the golf enthusiast in your life this Father's Day? Look no further! Our shop offers a range of products that any golfer would love to receive.
  • Chippopotamus UStour101 Scramble Challenge Final

                    First, what is Chippopotamus UStour101 scramble challenge?   A little history behind the Chippopotamus UStour101 scramble challenge. The challenge started back in January and was organized by Alex (@chippopotamusgolf) and Loren (@ustour101). Both traveled to a different state each month, and had one team in each state play the scramble challenge and try to finish with -16....
  • How to style women's golf skirt

    How to style women's golf skirt
    How to style women’s golf skirt   Making a fashionable statement on the course is an important part of golf, in addition to learning the swing and putting techniques. In terms of women's golf apparel, convenience, comfort, and style are all important considerations. Women's golf skirts and Chippopotamus golf shirts are two ways to upgrade your golf wardrobe. We'll look at how to put...
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