Chippopotamus UStour101 Scramble Challenge Final


              First, what is Chippopotamus UStour101 scramble challenge?


A little history behind the Chippopotamus UStour101 scramble challenge. The challenge started back in January and was organized by Alex (@chippopotamusgolf) and Loren (@ustour101). Both traveled to a different state each month, and had one team in each state play the scramble challenge and try to finish with -16. No handicap, straight up golf.


The challenge month by month went like this: January - Orlando, Florida; FebruaryPhoenix, Arizona; March - Dallas, Texas; AprilNew Orleans, LA; MayPrattville, AL; MayNashville, TN; JuneDenver, CO; JulyMilwaukee, WI; AugustSanford, NC and the Final challenge in September - Sandy Pines - Demotte, IN.


                How did the FINAL challenge go?

Let’s talk about the FINAL event now. On September 22, 2023, our golf community from all over US came to Sandy Pines Golf Club for the final round of the Chippopotamus – UStour101  Scramble Challenge. The event, which was hosted by Chippopotamus Golf, was a huge success, combining a competitive atmosphere with a friendly spirit.


The event started with a practice round at Sandy Pines Golf Club on Thursday, September 21st. On Friday, which was the event day, all participants arrived at the club around 12 pm to start the registration process. Each participant received a goodie bag that included a Chippopotamus golf polo and other golf accessories. After the registration process was completed, the teams of four were briefed about the rules and regulations of the game by the organizers of the tournament. It was a 1pm shotgun event, with two participating groups per hole.


Group 1, 2, 3 and 4

As the first groups made their way to the first tee box, the course was full with excitement. From amateurs to seasoned pros, all were ready to compete. Throughout the tournament, the players enjoyed some fantastic shots, with many birdies and eagles. Nevertheless, some holes proved to be challenging, and players needed to tap into their creativity and honed skills to complete the course.

Group 5, 6, 7 and 8

Chippopotamus UStour101 Scramble Challenge Final attracted golfers from different states, providing them an excellent opportunity to meet and make new golfing friends. While at the same time, play a good round of golf and compete to win an excellent prize. Final prize pull was $20k total for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Group 9, 10 and 11

It was definitely a long golf day. At the end, the players were rushing to get through the last hole before the sun went down. It was around 7pm when everyone was finishing up and getting back to the club house to see the final scores. To everyone’s surprise, three out of eleven teams scored -17. The plan was to have a playoff hole but due to the timing of when everyone finished, we couldn’t do that option. The winning teams agreed not to do a scorecard playoff and actually split the win.


The three winning teams

The Chippopotamus Scramble Challenge Final was an overwhelming success. The level of competition was high. The event has become an essential part of the Chippopotamus & UStour101 golfing community. It was a day filled with great moments, new connections, and amazing competition. Looking forward to the 2024 scramble challenge events starting February 2024 and the FINAL event in September, 2024.

Grateful for everyone that has followed along this season and was able to come out to the final event. Excited for the next season of Chippopotamus UStour101 scramble challenge, season 2024.

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