How to Clean Golf Hats

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Golf hats are ideal for keeping your face shaded on a hot, sunny day. But between a fun game of golf and the blazing sun, sweat and dirt can collect in your hat and leave behind an unpleasant mess. Sadly, hats are more difficult to clean than your favorite worn-out t-shirt.

In this guide, we'll go over the safest method for cleaning your golf hat and some additional approaches that might work.

Things to Consider Before Cleaning Your Golf Hat

Knowing the type of hat you are working with is important before you begin cleaning. Today's golf hats are generally made of cotton and are colorfast.  

However, some older caps aren't colorfast. You can test this by applying a small bit of cleaner with a small rag to the bottom of your hat. It isn't colorfast if the cloth retains color, so you must refrain from applying any type of soap. But if the rag removes everything cleanly, you're fine to go.

You should also refrain from using detergent soap if your hat is made of wool, leather, felt, silk, or satin. In such cases, you should refer to the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning the hat.

3 Ways to Clean Men's Golf Hats

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There are three basic ways to clean even the best golf hats:  

  1. Using detergent and water
  2. Removing sweat stains in the washing machine
  3. Enzyme treatment

All three methods are explained in detail below.

Using Detergent and Water

You simply need a bucket, detergent, water, and an old toothbrush to perform this process.

  1. Fill the water in the bucket with water. Ideally, it should be tepid water; if in doubt, stick to cold water.
  2. Add a tablespoon of detergent to the water. Dish soap can also remove stains off your hat, but detergent or a specialized stain-fighter will perform much better.
  3. If there are any noticeable stains, you should concentrate on cleaning them by rubbing some detergent on them and using an old toothbrush to scrape them. Don't scrub too aggressively because you risk damaging the fabric, especially around threaded stitching.
  4. Keep your unique golf hat soaked in soapy water. If your hat isn't all that dirty, you can soak it for only 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can soak it for up to four hours. As the hat soaks, swish it around a few times.
  5. After it has had time to soak, rinse your hat in cool water. Make sure all soap residue is removed.
  6. After letting most of the extra water drain off, use a towel to pat your hat dry gently.
  7. Let the hat air dry because patting it won’t dry it completely. To ensure that your hat dries in its right shape, you should put it in a container rather than leaving it rumpled up on the counter. Avoid drying it outside in the sun.

Removing Sweat Stains in the Washing Machine

You can machine wash your golf hat if it is too dirty or has stains on it that won't come out. This process will restore the new appearance of your hat and is less time-consuming than hand cleaning.

  1. Use laundry detergent or a stain remover to pre-treat any tough stains on your golf hat. Use a clean microfiber cloth or brush to clean the spots off your golf hat.
  2. Put your golf hat in the washing machine after treating the spots. To protect the hat from being harmed, make sure only to wash it in cold water.
  3. After the cycle is finished, take your golf cap out of the washer and give it a thorough rinsing.
  4. Reshape the hat and brim if you feel it has become crooked.
  5. Let the hat air dry.

Enzyme Treatment

You know how easily it can become discolored if you wear a leather golf hat. You can use an enzyme treatment to get rid of tough stains from your custom golf hats. This method breaks away the stains and dirt on your hat using natural enzymes.

  1. You can use orange, grapefruit, and lemon peels to create a DIY enzyme cleaner. The peels should be fresh, not rotten or dried out, as they won't have enough citrus ingredients to be effective for cleaning.
  2. Put clean water on your hat, then apply the enzyme solution. Be sure to cover the hat, including the band and brim, completely.
  3. Apply the enzyme solution to your golf cap and let it sit there for at least two to four hours.
  4. Use a microfiber towel to remove the enzyme solution once it has finished its job.

Can You Clean Golf Hats in the Dishwasher?

You might have probably heard different arguments in the golfing community over whether or not it's okay to wash a golf cap in the dishwasher. The results are frequently not worth the effort despite the fact that it is technically possible.

Only hats made of cotton, jersey mesh, or a blend of polyester fabrics can work correctly in a dishwasher; all other types of golf hats for men should be avoided.

You must place the hat in the top rack, which is farthest from the machine's heating element. If you put it in any other rack, your hat will be irreparably deformed. Since you don't want sweaty hat residue on your dishes, the hat should also be washed separately.

Things to Note: 

  • Use non-bleach dishwashing detergents because bleach won't let the color of your hat stand a chance.
  • Deactivate the hot-dry setting and use the cold water cycle instead.
  • You must reshape the hat when the cycle is finished before letting it dry.
  • Good results are not assured.

How Can You Remove Tough Stains From Golf Hats?

If your sweat stains are really difficult to remove with detergent, you might have better luck using baking soda.

Add warm water to a small container along with four tablespoons of baking soda. Stir constantly until a paste forms. Then, apply the paste to the discoloration with a spoon. Use a brush with soft bristles to scrub the mixture into the stain.

After letting the paste soak for about an hour, rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Can You Remove Sweat Stains From a White Golf Hat?

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Even the best golf hats can get dirty from golf stains. It can be more challenging to clean white golf hats with yellow stains. You can use hydrogen peroxide, a strong bleaching agent, but with caution.

Apply a few drops of peroxide to the hat stains, and then scrub your hat carefully with a soft brush. After about ten minutes, let it soak and then rinse with cool water.


There are various methods to clean golf hats, and you must choose the right method for your hat depending on its material and the severity of stains on it.

However, if your golf hat is beyond repair, it might be time to get a new golf hat from a reliable brand. 

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